0844 2415 677

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

About Utilita

Utilita is a leading energy supplier based in the United Kingdom. They provide gas and electricity services to both residential and business customers. With a strong focus on renewable energy, Utilita offers a range of sustainable energy solutions to help customers reduce their carbon footprint. As a customer-focused company, Utilita understands the importance of providing exceptional customer service. They strive to ensure that their customers can easily get in touch with their dedicated customer support team for any assistance or support they may require.

How to Contact Utilita

There are several ways to contact Utilita for help or support. The most efficient way is to call their customer service phone number at 08442415677. Alternatively, customers can also reach out to Utilita through their email address, physical locations, or social media profiles. Utilita’s website provides all the necessary contact details for each service channel. Whether customers prefer traditional phone calls, online chats, or in-person visits, Utilita is available to assist them.

Opening Hours 8am - 10pm Everyone

Utilita’s customer service is available during regular business hours, from Monday to Friday. While response times may vary depending on the channel of support, Utilita strives to provide timely assistance to their customers. In general, it is recommended to contact companies during non-peak hours, such as early morning or late afternoon, to minimize waiting times and receive quicker responses.

Benefits of Calling the Utilita Contact Number

Calling the Utilita contact number can provide numerous benefits when seeking assistance. For technical support, customers can directly communicate their issues and receive step-by-step guidance to resolve any problems. The customer service team is well-equipped to handle billing inquiries, ensuring accurate and timely information about payment schedules and outstanding balances. Additionally, for sales-related inquiries, customers can obtain personalized advice on energy plans that best suit their needs and preferences. By calling the Utilita contact number, customers can experience efficient and tailored support to address their specific concerns.

Utilita – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do if I experience a power outage?
Answer: If you experience a power outage, it is recommended to first check if it is a local issue by contacting your neighbors. If the problem persists, contact Utilita’s customer service for assistance.

2. How can I top up my prepayment meter?
Answer: There are several ways to top up your prepayment meter, including using Utilita’s mobile app, visiting a PayPoint location, or calling Utilita’s automated service line.

3. What should I do if I have issues with my gas or electricity supply?
Answer: In case of any issues with your gas or electricity supply, such as low pressure or no power, contact Utilita’s customer service immediately for guidance.

4. How can I switch to Utilita as my energy supplier?
Answer: To switch to Utilita, you can visit their website or call their customer service to discuss the process and explore the available energy plans.

5. What payment options does Utilita offer?
Answer: Utilita offers various payment options, including direct debit, bank transfer, online payments, and payment cards. Contact their customer service to inquire about the payment method that suits you best.

6. How can I track my energy usage with Utilita?
Answer: Utilita provides smart meters to help customers track their energy usage in real-time. For more information or any issues with smart meters, contact Utilita’s customer service.

7. What happens if I’m having trouble paying my bill?
Answer: If you’re facing difficulties in paying your bill, it’s important to notify Utilita’s customer service immediately. They can discuss possible solutions, such as payment plans or financial assistance programs.

8. Are there any special energy-saving tips provided by Utilita?
Answer: Yes, Utilita offers energy-saving tips and advice on their website. You can also contact their customer service for personalized guidance on how to reduce your energy consumption.

9. How can I submit a meter reading to Utilita?
Answer: Utilita provides convenient methods for submitting meter readings, such as through their mobile app or by calling their automated service line.

10. Does Utilita offer renewable energy options?
Answer: Yes, Utilita is committed to renewable energy and provides green energy options for customers who want to support sustainable practices. Contact their customer service to learn more about their renewable energy plans and initiatives.