0844 2415 694

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

About Tyne Tunnel

Tyne Tunnel is a transportation company based in the United Kingdom. They provide a vital link between North and South Tyneside, offering a convenient and efficient route for commuters and travelers. The company operates a tunnel that allows vehicles to cross the River Tyne, saving time and reducing congestion on other routes. Tyne Tunnel is owned and operated by a government agency, ensuring high standards of maintenance and service.

Customer service is of utmost importance to Tyne Tunnel. They understand that customers may encounter various issues while using their services, and their dedicated customer support team is ready to assist. Whether it’s for technical support, billing inquiries, or general assistance, contacting Tyne Tunnel’s customer service is the best way to quickly resolve any concerns.

How to Contact Tyne Tunnel

There are several ways to get in touch with Tyne Tunnel for assistance:

  • Phone: Dial 08442415694 to speak directly with a customer service representative.
  • Email: Send an email to the provided address for written inquiries.
  • Chat: Use the live chat feature on Tyne Tunnel’s website for real-time assistance.
  • Physical Locations: Visit one of Tyne Tunnel’s offices for in-person support.
  • Social Media: Reach out to Tyne Tunnel through their official social media profiles.

No matter the contact method, Tyne Tunnel’s customer support team is dedicated to providing helpful and prompt assistance.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 08:15am-5:00pm,Saturday 09:00am-1:00pm Sunday 09:00am-12:30pm

It’s generally recommended to call companies during their non-peak hours, which are usually early in the morning, late afternoon, or early evening. This may help reduce wait times and ensure quicker access to a customer service representative.

Benefits of Calling Tyne Tunnel

Calling the Tyne Tunnel contact number provides several benefits when seeking assistance:

  • Immediate Help: By speaking with a customer service representative, customers can receive immediate assistance for their specific needs.
  • Personalized Support: The representative can address individual inquiries and provide tailored solutions.
  • Real-Time Problem Solving: Complex issues can be efficiently resolved through a phone conversation, minimizing frustration and wait times.
  • Guidance for Various Inquiries: Whether it’s technical support, billing concerns, or sales inquiries, the contact number is the central hub for all assistance.

No matter the reason for reaching out, calling the Tyne Tunnel contact number ensures a direct and efficient resolution to customer concerns.

Tyne Tunnel – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I pay for my Tyne Tunnel crossing?

Crossings can be paid for using a valid payment card or through the use of a pre-paid Tyne Pass. Additional payment options may also be available.

2. What should I do if there is an issue with my toll charges?

If you believe there is an error or discrepancy with your toll charges, please contact Tyne Tunnel’s customer service immediately with all the relevant details, such as the date and time of the crossing.

3. Can I use Tyne Tunnel with an oversized vehicle?

Tyne Tunnel has specific guidelines regarding vehicle dimensions. It’s advisable to contact customer service for more information on crossing options with an oversized vehicle.

4. Are there any discounts available for frequent users?

Yes, Tyne Tunnel offers discounted rates for frequent users through their registered accounts. Please contact customer service to learn more and set up an account.

5. What do I do if my vehicle breaks down in the Tyne Tunnel?

In the event of a breakdown, Tyne Tunnel has a dedicated Tunnel Control Room that can assist. Follow the provided emergency procedures and utilize the emergency phones located within the tunnel.

6. How can I apply for a job at Tyne Tunnel?

If you’re interested in working at Tyne Tunnel, visit their official website and navigate to the Careers section. Here, you can find information on available positions and the application process.

7. Can I use Tyne Tunnel for cycling or walking?

No, Tyne Tunnel is exclusively for vehicular transportation. Cyclists and pedestrians should explore alternative routes.

8. What should I do if my vehicle gets stuck in the tunnel?

In the unlikely event of a vehicle becoming immobilized in the tunnel, please follow the instructions provided by Tyne Tunnel staff and remain calm. They will assist in resolving the situation safely and efficiently.

9. Are there any accessibility services available at Tyne Tunnel?

Yes, Tyne Tunnel offers dedicated facilities and services to accommodate passengers with accessibility needs. Contact customer service to inquire about specific assistance options.

10. How can I provide feedback on my Tyne Tunnel experience?

Feedback is greatly appreciated and helps Tyne Tunnel improve their services. You can provide feedback through their website or contact customer service directly.