0844 2097 583

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

About BT Broadband

BT Broadband is a leading telecommunications company based in the UK. It offers a wide range of services including broadband internet, TV packages, and phone services. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, BT Broadband understands the importance of providing reliable and efficient customer service. Whether customers need assistance with technical issues, billing inquiries, or general support, contacting BT Broadband’s customer service team is the best way to get help. By calling the customer service phone number 08442097583, customers can quickly and easily resolve any issues they may encounter.

How to Contact BT Broadband

There are several ways to get in touch with BT Broadband’s customer service team. Here are the different contact options:

  • Phone: Dial 08442097583 to speak directly with a customer service representative.
  • Email: Send an email to the designated customer support email address.
  • Chat: Access the live chat feature on the BT Broadband website for instant assistance.
  • Physical Locations: Visit one of BT Broadband’s physical stores for face-to-face support.
  • Social Media: Reach out to BT Broadband on their official social media profiles for help.

Opening Hours


When it comes to contacting companies in general, it’s advisable to call during off-peak hours to minimize wait times. Mornings and early afternoons are usually less busy, whereas calling during lunch breaks and evenings may result in longer wait times. To ensure prompt assistance, it’s best to reach out to BT Broadband’s customer service team during their specified opening hours.

Benefits of Calling the BT Broadband Contact Number

Calling the BT Broadband contact number offers several benefits for customers. By speaking directly with a customer service representative, customers can receive personalized assistance tailored to their specific needs. Whether they require technical support, have billing queries, or need updated information on sales and promotions, the contact number is the most efficient way to get help. It allows for real-time communication, enabling quick problem-solving and resolution of any issues customers may be experiencing with their BT Broadband services.

BT Broadband – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I troubleshoot my BT Broadband connection?

To troubleshoot your BT Broadband connection, you can try resetting your router or contacting customer service for further assistance.

2. How can I check my BT Broadband bill?

To check your BT Broadband bill, you can log in to your online account or contact customer service for a detailed explanation.

3. Is BT Broadband available in my area?

BT Broadband availability varies by location. You can check their website or contact customer service to determine if it’s available in your area.

4. How do I upgrade my BT Broadband package?

To upgrade your BT Broadband package, you can call the customer service number and speak to a representative who will guide you through the process.

5. What should I do if my BT Broadband speed is slow?

If your BT Broadband speed is slow, you can try troubleshooting steps provided by the customer service team or request a technician visit to diagnose and fix the issue.

6. How can I set up my BT Broadband router?

You can follow the instructions provided with your BT Broadband router or contact customer service for guidance on setting it up correctly.

7. What happens if my BT Broadband service is disrupted?

If your BT Broadband service is disrupted, you can contact customer service to report the issue and receive updates on the resolution process.

8. Can I cancel my BT Broadband subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your BT Broadband subscription by contacting customer service and following their cancellation process.

9. How do I transfer my BT Broadband service to a new address?

To transfer your BT Broadband service to a new address, contact customer service well in advance of your moving date to ensure a smooth transition.

10. What should I do if I forgot my BT Broadband account password?

If you forgot your BT Broadband account password, you can use the account recovery options provided on their website or contact customer service for assistance in resetting your password.