0844 2415 693

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Aegon Customer Service

Welcome to the Aegon Customer Service article. Customer service is crucial in the financial sector, and Aegon understands the importance of providing support to its customers. Aegon is a financial services company that offers a range of products and services, including insurance, pensions, and investments. They are based in the United Kingdom and are owned by Aegon N.V, a multinational life insurance, pensions, and asset management company. Having reliable and efficient customer service is essential for Aegon to assist its customers with any inquiries or issues they may have.

Customers may need to contact Aegon Customer Service for various reasons, such as assistance with insurance claims, questions about investment options, account inquiries, or general support. Contacting Aegon’s dedicated customer support team is the best way to get prompt help and solutions. The customer service phone number, 08442415693, is a convenient and direct way to reach Aegon for assistance.

How to Contact Aegon

Aegon provides various channels for customers to get in touch with their dedicated customer support team. Here are the different ways you can contact Aegon:

  • By phone: Call the Aegon Customer Service phone number, 08442415693, to speak directly with a representative.
  • Through email: Send an email to Aegon’s customer support team at their designated email address.
  • By chat: Visit Aegon’s website and use the live chat feature to chat with a customer service representative.
  • In-person: If you prefer face-to-face assistance, you can visit one of Aegon’s physical locations.
  • Through social media: Reach out to Aegon’s customer support via their official social media profiles.

Opening Hours

9am - 4pm, Monday - Friday

When contacting companies, it is generally recommended to avoid peak hours, such as early mornings or lunchtime, as wait times may be longer. It is often best to contact companies during quieter periods, such as mid-morning or mid-afternoon, for faster response times. However, please note that the actual opening hours and response times may vary for Aegon. It is advisable to check their official website or contact their customer service for accurate information.

Aegon Contact Number for Assistance

Contacting Aegon’s customer service phone number can be highly beneficial for customers needing assistance. By calling 08442415693, customers can receive help with various inquiries, such as technical support for online services or guidance on insurance claims. The customer service team can also provide assistance with billing inquiries, policy changes, investment options, or any other specific concern a customer may have. Calling the Aegon contact number ensures direct communication with a knowledgeable representative who can provide personalized support and advice.

Aegon – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do if I need to make an insurance claim with Aegon?

If you need to make an insurance claim with Aegon, you should contact their customer service via phone or email. They will guide you through the claims process and provide the necessary documentation and assistance.

2. How can I update my contact information with Aegon?

To update your contact information with Aegon, you can either login to your online account or reach out to their customer service. They will be able to assist you in updating your details.

3. What investment options does Aegon offer?

Aegon offers a range of investment options, including individual savings accounts (ISAs), pensions, and investment funds. Their customer service team can provide guidance on the different investment opportunities available.

4. How can I check the status of my pension account?

To check the status of your pension account with Aegon, you can contact their customer service. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information and updates regarding your pension.

5. What should I do if I have billing concerns with Aegon?

If you have billing concerns with Aegon, it is recommended to contact their customer service. They can review your billing details, address any concerns, and provide clarification on any charges or payments.

6. Is Aegon available outside of the United Kingdom?

Yes, Aegon operates globally and offers its services outside of the United Kingdom. They have international offices and affiliates in various countries.

7. How can I cancel my insurance policy with Aegon?

To cancel your insurance policy with Aegon, you should contact their customer service. They will guide you through the cancellation process and provide information on any applicable fees or procedures.

8. Can I make changes to my investment portfolio with Aegon?

Yes, you can make changes to your investment portfolio with Aegon. Contact their customer service for guidance on how to modify your investments or explore different options.

9. What should I do if I forgot my login credentials for my Aegon online account?

If you forgot your login credentials for your Aegon online account, you can follow the password recovery process available on their website or contact their customer service for assistance.

10. Is Aegon regulated by any financial authorities?

Yes, Aegon is regulated by various financial authorities to ensure compliance with industry standards and protect customer interests. For specific regulatory information, contact Aegon’s customer service or refer to their official website.